Make the business website more human and win your competition

There is a man behind every logo and every website. There is a team of people delivering your excellent service or product. When everybody else can see only your website’s landing page, you work hard to make them happy. So why don’t you show it off?

Make your business website human

Who do you see when you come into the high street shop? Who do you see when you need to do a MOT test on your car, or when your fridge-freezer got broken?

A person who will take care of you and your needs.

A human.

And who do see you when you buy a t-shirt online from the same high street retailer? Who is taking your payment while booking summer holiday from the bed?

The system.



Using on-line services while is comfortable, time and money saving, it’s soulless at the same time.

That’s why it’s so important to present your company invitingly on the website. I’m not talking about usual three paragraphs everybody else put out there: this is us, we do that, and we have a passion for it. I mean to tell your story, show photographs of the team, and describe who handles what. But also show a bit of your business from the inside, come on out and express your passion.

Be like Google (a bit)

Even the best online company have physical space somewhere and people working there. Look at Google. Have you heard about their work ethic, employee benefits, sliders and Xbox rooms? Exactly, that is what I’m talking about.

Google London
Google London

Do you have deluxe waiting room? Great, take a photo and put it on the page. Do you like hanging toy cars on the palm in the meeting room? Cool, take few snaps and put it there. Do you have an amazing team having a fabulous time at work? Awesome! Run the company’s Instagram profile and show them out drinking coffee, eating burgers, riding a bike, enjoying work.

You think you should not, aren’t you?

Why? Because it’s not professional?

Because you are not Google? Of course, you’re not! And that is why you should show your backstage.

You are human. You do have a life: eat, drink, use, play, have fun.

Great, me too. Look, we may we have shared interests, hobbies, but until you don’t show it to me, I have no idea about it. Let people get to know you!

AO with the human face

Last week I visited Bolton offices of the They have been listed among ten best offices in the UK. I loved their interior, coffee shop, common area, pool, football table! But more, I loved the joy people showed being there.

AO Bolton offices
AO Bolton offices

But what is important they talk all about it on the website. AO share images, present employee benefits, and let you know them. Even if they are the huge company, the electronic on-line retail leader in the UK, they still have a human face, and I loved it!

You are the company

No matter what business you are in – services, production, large entity or one-man-orchestra – there is always the man behind the company logo. Show me your face, show me your smile, tell me what you like and make your website personal. You put all energy, time, effort to make a success and run the business, so share it with me!

I don’t care if you drive Audi or moped. I don’t bother if you drink instant coffee, or squeeze fresh juice every morning. But if you show it on your page and let me know, I may start liking you even before we arrange the first meeting. And maybe, just because you have a yellow wall in your office I may want to do business with you instead of the other guy in a boring black suit?

Mentor thoughts

There is the old business rule which my mentor taught me once: KNOW – LIKE – TRUST. I can know you after reading content on your website. I will like you if you make me to. I will trust you only then.

So let me like you. Show me your personality on the company website. Tell me what do you like, what do you do, and take a photo of this funny bunny mug; it’s so cool. My wife has a similar one.

Got it?

So now take a deep breath and make your website personal as your business is personal to you. When you finish, let me know that you are ready to be liked. I will do.

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If you struggle to create the brand story, or to present your company’s human face on the website, email me, I’m happy to help.