I resigned from the client

I just resigned from the client. For the first time in my freelance career, I have decided to quit and do not continue working on a project. It’s my failure, but also a win.

I have worked with the large client from Poland on a label design for the new line of cleaning products. It was not my area of expertise but decided to give it a go as I knew the person involved in that company.

My mistake was I believed I could do it. But because I lacked the experience in labelling and product launching I did not dig deep enough before quoting. In effect, I was working more hours than estimated on a project without clear guidance, aim and understanding the problem. The number of duties quickly increased from simple label design to branding, logo redesign, product strategy and positioning. I was not prepared for that, although, I tried to solve the problem.

And when I thought I achieved something right, the design and strategy I came up with and was accepted in the first instance later were refused due to another product direction switch.

At this moment I knew that continuing working on this project would not only not make me money anymore but also I would lose time. I felt anxious and stressed so decided to quit. I felt my mental health and peace of mind are more important than fighting with the challenge I was not ready to win.

So yes, I resigned from the client this morning, and I’m sad about it but also feel much better feeling the relief.

I have also learnt that I need to work smarter not harder. In the future, if I was asked to design something I’m not expert with I will contact one of my fellow’s designers to subcontract that job to them. It will be much healthier for everybody: the client would get their job done, my fellow designer got another project to work on, I would feel happy being able to help the client, my fellow designer and myself.