Effective is back! I’m back with new tips for you from UX and web design area!

OK, it’s time to start again! Now I have more experience, more knowledge, new skills and it’s all super awesome! It’s time leave the old school graphic design and print design behind! Now is the time of User Experience design, User Interface Design, Digital Design, Product Design and productivity. It’s time for a change.

But, hey! Where were you?
Quickly, to not get you bored – I got this idea to merge my forces with my best friend Matt and to do business together.
He is a customer relation specialist with skills in WordPress so it was pretty evident that together we could do something amazing. But due to several circumstances we ended up not doing it together at all. So there you go.
Was it disappointing to not start a business with him? In some way, yes, it was. But on the other hand, it may be a better way to stay friends and not business partners.
Refresh the brand and share the knowledge
So here we are. It’s beginning of September; the school has just started, and I bring Effective Designs back and move it one step further. I’m going to rebuild the website (the existing one I had built three years ago – it’s the time) and change the speciality a bit. Thanks to all books and articles, videos and work I did with IT Department in NHS Lancashire Care I have gained new skills within User Experience area, which I will be using wider.
I know that lot of companies struggle with their unfriendly websites, or challenging and complicated procedures, or not the best approach to clients. I know all that, and I want to help you to deal with your website problems.
User Experience and Web Design
I’m planning to publish more posts about user experience issues in real life to let you understand that sometimes simple changes may bring brilliant effects. Follow me on social media, where I will share examples of good UX approach on various websites. I offer my services as a consultant and the designer, and I am happy to work with your company soon.
Product Design
At the end I wanted to share with you some secret, I’m also going into a product design. During last six months I started playing with woodwork – reclaimed wood mainly – and I have built few pieces of furniture out of pallets, which I am so proud of that I decided to show it all to you. So it’s the second project of mine. After I finish Effective’s website, I’m going to build a website with my wood furniture presentation which you will be able to order if you wish.
Brill! That’s it for now. Thanks for coming in and reading this article. I hope you will wait to see the ready website and if you have any questions about user experience design in the meantime just email me.
See you later!
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