Productivity 2.0 – the New Year Resolution which doesn’t suck

New Year resolution is the biggest scam ever. Yes, I said it. But think about it – have you ever kept going to the gym for the whole year, or did you eventually quit smoking, lost weight? If you did, then, well, congrats because you are one out of the millions who didn’t.

I don’t like the idea of the NY resolution and never made one. But this year I have done something different – I have planned my new regime. I call it Productivity 2.0. I have the aim which I’m heading to, and all my actions will be directed to achieve that result.

Productivity 2.0 google calendar peter stasiak
Productivity 2.0 google calendar Peter Stasiak

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Currently, I work full-time and freelance after hours. On top of that, I have a new passion and hobby of designing and building furniture out of reclaimed wood.

Also, I have a lovely family (wife and two great boys) which require my attention. Hence the purpose of organising my activities the best possible way.

So, following the idea I had seen in the Ran Segall vlog Flux I have built a daily program of my activities into a google calendar. I have set up all main actions: regular work, family time, and freelancing and added new activities which are important to achieve the success between them.


When I work till 1 or 2 am, I wake up around 7 am. But it makes me exhausted, so I’m planning to change it. I intend to go to bed earlier but to wake up at 6 am and perform my daily to-do list over a morning coffee before everybody else wakes up.

I’m lucky to have quite flexible working hours, but my intention is to start at 8.30 and work until 4.30 pm.


Because I don’t have much time left for a self-education, I have decided to use my half an hour lunch break for that. Simple reading the book, article, or watching some videos over my meal should work. I have purchased few books recently, and I want to read them.


After my bike accident in November, I’m not able to cycle yet, so I’ve finally pushed myself to jog. Please note I’m not a particular fan of running. It seems to be incredibly tedious just to run without any destination or point. But I thought I could listen to some business Podcasts or Audiobooks during the run which should extend my learning time a bit. Finally, I have bought new running shoes on the sale, so I’d rather give them a chance to do the job. So, yes, I’m going to run three times per week, and see how it works. And in the spring, when my broken arm seals properly I’ll be back on the bike again.

So far I did not spend much time with family – always been busy with other stuff. But, hey, you live only once, and your kids will never be so small anymore, so time with them is super important. Therefore, I have planned Family Time, with no phone, unless it is crucial.


I have always struggled to find the time to do important stuff, like dealing with the bills, post, phone calls, or even online shopping. Therefore, I have planned an hour for the Catch-Up.

And finally, in the evening, I have scheduled time for the freelance work. But this time I limit myself to work till midnight the latest. It’s important to have some good sleep, hence working till 2 am is no longer an option.

During the Design Studio Time, I’m going to share the time between both my client projects and my ideas to make sure all important stuff is on track.


To make my plan working I’m using apps which are going to help me stay focused. The most important are Google Calendar where all my plans are.

I use a to-do app (I’m still deciding between Any Do, Todoist and Wunderlist) to record and follow my tasks.

I have created an idea of Daily Driver, which is the list of the tasks for the day. Daily Driver is formed every morning and updated during the day.

To keep focused and avoid procrastination, I’m testing a few apps working on the Pomodoro technique basis including Toggl, Noisli and ClearFocus. (I have been testing Toggl for a few months already, and I love it.)


I have planned four main business tasks for this month – finish my new website, prepare a presentation for 24th January speech, create a Social Media action plan, and write one blog article per week. All these should fit within the schedule I have created.


The idea behind my plan is nothing new. There are tonnes of systems designed to boost productivity and cut down the procrastination, but not all works for everybody.

I had lots of time to think about my aims, and where I want to be in the year of time, so I just gathered various ideas together and built up the plan. I’m going to stick to it as long as it is possible. I know it will be tough. But it’s doable.

Why am I sharing it with you? Because if you know about my plan, then it will keep me focused. Otherwise, it would be too easy to find another excuse and drop the schedule.

My writing hour is ending up, so time to wrap up. If you have any comments, thoughts, or ideas how to boost productivity and cut down the procrastination or you want to talk about your new plans, hit the comment below. I would love to see your thoughts.

And in the meantime – take care!