“Let me buy from you easy” – thoughts after my UX design presentation.

Last Tuesday (11th April) I had a pleasure to speak about user experience design (UX design) to a group of 40+ local business owners and representatives. Today after the emotions came down, and I acted on all tweets, it’s time for a quick review.

What was it

Briefly to recap what was it – The Northern Lights organisation has invited me to do a presentation on the subject of UX design. It’s been a part of their scheme they go through this year. They do monthly events with special speakers covering one of the subjects of their area os expertise. This year the scheme is UX, branding, marketing, social media and so on.

Lateef Badat who organised all is known for his professionalism, and as usually the event was great. And yes, the buffet after the presentation is a legend already.

I have to admit that I was stressed from the beginning. It was just a second speech this year for me, but bigger, with a larger audience. Luckily, with the time, and due to the audience was friendly the stress has gone completely.

“Let me buy from you easy. UX design for small business”

The title of the presentation was “Let me buy from you easy. UX design for small business”. The core was to go briefly through values and principles of user experience design to let understand audience why is it crucial for their business strategy. It’s sad to say, but still, plenty of business websites are not user-friendly, nor easy to read or act on them. These sites lose clients even without knowing about it. Hence the presentation title.

There is much more to cover regarding user experience, but 45-minute presentation slot is not enough to do that. So my aim was to give a hint to an audience that there is striking design technique called UX which will change their websites and apps for better. The principle here was if you don’t understand or don’t know what UX is, it’s difficult for you to recognise where your website loses traffic and your money.

I regret I did not record this presentation as it would be brilliant to publish on youtube as I did with previous one. I shall do it next time.

eBook coming…

The subjects touched yesterday I am planning to extend in the ebook I’m writing now and I hope to publish it later this year. If you want to be first to know about the ebook, remember to subscribe to my newsletter (scroll down and look bottom right corner, you should see blue rectangle).

picture of Peter Stasiak doing a presentation about UX design for small business
As Dr David Travis said: “Every UX design presentation has to have Steve Jobs’ quotation, so here is mine”
user persona card design by Peter Stasiak
User Persona card – helpful tool to understand who is your target user and how to deliver content to them

The best email I got ever

Finally, I need to say I’m overwhelmed with the feedback I received after the presentation. Thank you so much for kind words, and I hope I helped you a bit to turn your websites into effective ones. If you need any more advice, drop me a line on peter@effectivedesigns.co.uk

That is an email I received from Leanne Millar of The Kick-Ass Donkey Group who said:

“I had a conversation with my Grandfather about your talk last night. You certainly made an impression. He no longer feels like “he’s the stupid one” when he goes on a poorly designed website. He has asked me to write to you and thank you for your presentation. I’ve been trying to get him to understand UX for the past 12 months and have failed miserably (probably because I’m his granddaughter.) So Thank you, Sir. Well done!”

All that I can say it’s the best feeling in the world to know that your work is having a positive impact on other people life. Leanne, I was happy to help your grandfather. He is definitely not “a stupid one” – he’s a Rock Star.

The Persona Card

Last announcement, the user persona card I have introduced in the presentation will be available to download later together with an article explaining in more details how does it work. Or if you want to have it sooner, email me and I’ll be happy to pass forward it to you.

Some Tweets

As a conclusion let me bring some tweets from yesterday and few images I got by courtesy of Lateef Badat and Sarah Walmsley.

Thank you and hope to see you on the next presentation (yes I liked it, and I can do it more often).

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